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42 Toermalyn Street, Klerksoord, Rosslyn, Pretoria, 0200

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Best painting products in Pretoria

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  1. Wall deco paint washable
  2. Construction PVA
  3. Roof paint all colors
  4. Steel paint and steel primer all the colors
  5. Water based enamel UV
  6. Epoxy floor coat 1mm
  7. Epoxy self-leveling floor 2mm & 3mm
  8. Epoxy 314 screed floor 6mm
  9. Epoxy deco screed 4mm
  10. Grout screed 12mm to 50mm 65MPA
  11. Epoxy thinners and epoxy brush cleaner
  12. Grout screed polishing floor 12mm to 50mm 65MPA
  13. Degreaser oil remover and grease remover
  14. Paint remover
  15. Paving bricks 50mm and 60mm interlock
  16. Maxi bricks and paving bricks 50mm and 60mm square bricks
  17. All cleaning products